Child model

Like I said in this post, we got stopped by Seattle Talent at a local festival and got a phone call from them on Tuesday for an pre audition. WELL, before calling them back I did a little online research to find out if they were legit and not a scam. It took a while to get ANY info besides they’re website and facebook. When I finally did, found out they are affiliated with John Robert Powers, which is a school you have to pay for and a story where a lady got sucked in for her son and had to pay a $500 non refundable plus other expenses.

So, the company was a big NO for us!

You’ll hear over and over again that you should NEVER pay anything for a legit agency.

I will continue to send Mason’s pictures to agencies. If you have any tips/advice for us we would really appreciate it!!


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  1. Wow, that is insane! My son is with a manager verses an agency and she sends his picture to agencies. He has gone on a casting call for Huggies. Didn't get it but it was great exposure, they said he did excellent and didn't cry with the group that went in so it was a good first run!

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