I LOVE shopping thrift stores, but lately I’ve been a little disappointed in them and haven’t wanted to shop. It all began when I was in the local value village and saw a pair of DONATED Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $18.99, yes I said $18.99 for a used pair of jeans that they got donated to them. I could understand if they were a pair of 5 of mankind or diesel, wait no I can’t they got them for FREE. Yes, I know that value village and goodwill are “raising” money by selling your donated clothing. But seriously!! Don’t people shop thrift stores for a good deal?!!


I am no longer donating anything to them and only going to donate to non profit organizations. I would much rather see my clothing go to families that need them.
Here is a website with a list of homeless shelters you can donate too if you feel the same way.

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