Yard Sale Finds

Some of my yard sale finds this weekend, found some good deals and also saw a lot of OVER priced things.  Come on people your having a yard sale, most people don’t want to spend $3 for used clothing(saw a children’s place skirt $3 and lots of other clothes) or used toys for more than $1-2 the drum toy below had a price tag of $7 missing the sticks and was broken in one spot. Wow!!

But like I said I found some good stuff. The clothes here $1 a piece, mostly bigger clothes for Mason but found a shirt and summer dress(not pictured) for me. Elle shoes(in my size that gets a big WOW) looks brand new for $1.20 and at the same yard sale got a Churchill England china for $4 also in perfect condition.

And of course Mason some toys. Also not pictured is 2 big transformers and a barbie car(don’t worry it’s not girly lol). Like I said why are people charging so much for toys? They want them gone, right? I did get good deals on these toys and don’t worry we didn’t pay full price for the drum ;)


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