30 Things, in 30 days about me!

I am joining Heather and doing 30 things, in 30 days about me. I probably won’t post every day, I’m horrible about that but I will try and schedule things to help. Go to the website if you want to join in and link up. {I couldn’t get the button to work so if someone can help, that’d be lovely}
Okay, let me start with the first day…

List 20 random facts about yourself

1. I have two first names
2. I have 1 sibling
3. I was a twin but my Mom miscarried it
4. I was a “toe head” when I was a kid, you wouldn’t think it with my naturally dark hair now
5. My drink of choice right now is sweet tea
6. I don’t like sushi
7. I’m horrible at math
8. Before I got pregnant I hated bacon, now I love!!
9. I’ve broken my left wrist twice(from skateboarding)
10. I’m right handed
11. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was about 8 :(
12. I REALLY want to go to NYC, it’s top on my bucket list
13. I have no more style, as you can tell ;)
14. Never had braces
15. My husband calls me old because I could listen to oldies all day
16. I was drove next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Cali one time
17. On our honeymoon I was behind Kal Penn at the store {remember I told you I love seeing stars} and I teased my husband about it because he was stuck in bed with a toothache
18. I have asthma
19. My feet are always SO cold
20. Kids are always asking what’s on my forehead(a mole)


  1. What trouble are you having with the button? Copy that code from Heather's blog and when you are writing your post, click on HTML and paste it, then click back on compose and it should show up.I hope it makes sense.I can't balance on a skate board or even roller or ice skates, I am so afraid! I wore braces for 13 years and I have been to NYC once. Nice to learn about you a little more. :)

  2. i love oldies too. but i listen to a large variety of music also. i want to go to NY also. i was really hoping to go to blogher this year. boo hoo!:)

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