Day 4 of 30 Things

Best of Both Worlds

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could. 

This is a great one and there is actually a lot of things I would LOVE to tell my 16 year old self. This was actually a post I kept writing and erasing, because I just didn’t know how to put everything. I made a lot of bad decisions as a teen and there is tons of stuff I wish I could just start all over but you can’t so you just have to move on and maybe you can make a difference in someone else’s life and help them through their teen years. 

1. Don’t pick up that skateboard, it will become your favorite thing and your biggest hobby(and that’s okay) but it will also get you into a lot of trouble!

2. Don’t skip school, you will become very close to not graduating high school. And try harder in school.
3. PLEASE PLEASE don’t drink and drive, you know that offer your parents gave you “if you drink, please call us we will pick you up” well they were just caring and yes they probably would had a talk with you but really they didn’t want to have a talk with a grave stone. I sure had someone watching over me!
4. Boys are dumb, wait til after school they are a lot more mature.
5. Don’t ignore your parents phone call, they just care.
6. Enjoy being a kid(something other than partying) before you have to get a job and enter the real world.
7. Keep exercising and sports, when you hit your 20’s it becomes more work.
8. Stay away from those boys at the skatepark, they are only trouble.
9. Don’t give your parents a hard time.
10. Save your money for something other than booze.

Well, there you have it my “trouble” years. You probably wouldn’t guess any of it if you met me now, because that’s not me anymore, it’s in my past. I can’t change my past but I sure did learn a lot from it. 



  1. I love the "boys are dumb". I would definitely tell my 16 year old self to wait for boys AND save money. Oh well. I guess we learn these things somehow, right?

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