Never enough time

You know how I said I’d be posting more this week because I had the week off? Well that wasn’t the case, we have been so busy this week and haven’t been online much. Right now has been the longest we’ve just sat and played on electronics and honestly I feel a little guilty.

Monday- Mason played with his cousin at his Grandparents while my sister and I drove up to Hurricane Ridge and hiked. We saw so many deer, even a mom and babies walked right by us.
Tuesday- We played/visited with family at my cousins place.
Wednesday- We had my friends kids over to play and just played around the house the rest of the day. Did I mention I went to the grocery store and saw a lady chugging a mini alcohol bottle in her car at 9 AM?!!
Thursday- My families monthly girls day was today; we went to the farmers market and ate at the Spaghetti Factory. Mason stayed home with Dad and had more family over to visit.

Tomorrow I plan on resting a little more but will probably head to the water or park in the morning to play. When your busy, life just gets away from you and you never have enough time in the day for everything :(


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