We went to the beach

I don’t know how people post every day? It would be so hard for me to do that; we get so busy during our days don’t get me wrong I still have time to go online but after I check my facebook, email, instagram I don’t have anymore time to do anything else. When I do get on the ipad or computer Mason thinks he gets to play on them too, is it only my kid? And yeah I could do my blogging after bedtime but by that time I’m already too tired or spend time with the hubby.
Oh well, only a couple more weeks of summer left and then I’ll have 3 hours to myself a day. What am I going to do with myself?!!

Anyway, moving on…On Thursday we went down to the Oregon coast. Who wants to see some Goonies pictures, I know you do :)

We first stopped in Seaside, Or. We should have looked online about events, because this weekend is the pro volleyball contest so it was pretty crowded. Does Seaside remind anyone else of Honolulu, Oahu?

My niece was not a fan of the carousel
Oh yeah, warning picture overload ;)
Recognize this rock? Yup, next stop was Cannon Beach, had to get a picture in front of the Goonies rock. We had dinner at the Wayfarer restaurant(very good) before heading back up to Astoria, Or.  
We weren’t planning to make a stop at the jail but we went the wrong way and ended up in the parking lot, pretty cool wish I would of went inside now.
That town had some beautiful buildings.
Remember this school from kindergarden cop? The goonies house and this school are VERY close to eachother. 
View from the house
Data’s house
Mason didn’t understand why we took pictures of the house lol.
Family picture by the sea lion docks
And that was our day trip to the goon docks :)

One comment

  1. That's awesome! I LOVE Cannon beach. One of the best in Oregon, but I've never been to the Goonies places. Definitely need to do that someday. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

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