Day 11 of 30 Things

Best of Both Worlds

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have. 

That’s a lot of pet peeves, let’s see if I have that many?!

1. The sound of someone brushing their teeth. 
2. People who bring children to R rated films or any film past 9pm
3. People who are later than 10 minutes when your supposed to meet them, not play dates but for example when your meeting someone to sell/buy something, I will just leave. 
4. When someone makes sucking noises through a straw when the drink is clearly empty!
5. People who take up 2 parking spaces, park at the end of the lot if your going to do that.
6. When people have obviously too many kids and don’t watch them while they play.
7. People who live off welfare and don’t try to better themselves.
8. When the wife refers to the money as her husbands and has to ask permission for it, or when the husband thinks the wife has to do everything for him. I would never be able to live in my grandparents era lol. 
9. Anyone who gets abortions, come on keep your legs closed or get fixed!!
10. People who just rinse their hands with water after using the bathroom, that is worse than not washing at all. 

Okay, I guess I had a lot more pet peeves than I thought and I could still think of some. 

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