Day 12 of 30 Things

Best of Both Worlds

12. Describe a typical day in your current life.

I’ll describe a typical weekday in our life. I always love seeing someones post with pictures of their typical day, I think I’m going to have to do that sometime soon.
7:00-8:00 Mason wakes up sometime between 7 and 8
8:00 Make coffee, breakfast(his choice usually oatmeal)
8:15 Start sprinklers
8:15-9:00(who am I fooling, it’s more like 11:00 lol) Watch cartoons, lay around the house in PJS(Mason), do a little cleaning(me), shower, play with toys, bugging me the whole time to play on the ipad or computer
11:00 Finally give in and let him either play PBS/Nick JR or play on the computer but first he has to get dressed, search the house for any toys laying around and clean his room, this is usually my computer or ipad time too…I know we’re bad with electronics in this house, embarrassed! ;)
12:00 Lunch time(turkey Me, tuna Mason) and then play outside for a bit
1:00 Get everything ready for work(snacks, car packed, teeth brushed shoes on)
1:30 Leave to pick up the girl I watch
2:00 Load everyone in the car
2:30 Go to the library return movies/books, sit around the kid area read a magazine, check out new materials
3:00 Drive to the park to play (easy free way to keep Mason busy)
5:00 Drop off the girl I watch, head home
5:30 Run into Trader Joes because I’ve been bad this summer about making meal plans
6:00 Get home, whip up something for dinner
6:30 Eat dinner, tired, it’s hot and I just want to relax!!
7:00 Bath time
7:30 Bed time, takes about an hour sometimes longer (brush teeth, potty, water, stories, prayers)
9:00 Time to relax, watch a movie we got from the library(no cable)
11:00 Bed for me :)

Hope you enjoyed our boring day ;)

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