Weekly recap

Yes, I posted the other day that I was changing my name but now I decided not to and just keep Mommy, Daddy and Mason. Every name I came up with had already been taken and it would take too long to change everything {and you already know how much time I have to spend on the computer before someone needs my attention}. Figured I just needed some kind of change and I’ll fix up my blog look a little bit, make a new button, update the pages.

Weekly recap via cell phone/instagram…

*homemade pie   *finally pulled out the bounce house

*playing at the school
*family night at LeMay car museum and “stopped” by Patty’s burger to grab something to eat
*we are really enjoying the movies in the park! on Friday we watched the Goonies, the location was perfect view of the water, the sunset was amazing, Mason fell asleep half way through, hubby and I just cuddled and watched one of my fav movies. I will miss the movies in the park!!

Here’s to another great week of the end of summer. Can you believe school starts in 2 weeks? I would like to finish a few more of my summer bucket list! 
Have a great week!

One comment

  1. Outdoor movies really are the best. Unfortunately we never got to go to one this year! I bet the Goonies was a great movie to see, too. I LOVE that movie! One of my goals in life is to go to a drive-in theater. There's still one on Whidbey Island I heard! Definitely need to check it out someday :)Changing a name is pretty annoying. I caught the need-a-blog-change bug this summer. Now I need a new blog look, too. It just never ends does it? Hope you have a great week!

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