Took me by surprise

The other day when I picked Mason up from school, we started talking about how his day went. He told me one of his classmates had to go calm down and was crying. His classmate is disabled, I think he may be autistic but not sure.

It just took me by surprise and we had a talk about how everyone is different. It just never crossed my mind that we’d have this talk, because Mason has been around disabled people from day one. I watch a disabled girl, he’s been going to work with me since he was in my belly and he’s never noticed that she’s different. My mom is a special ed teacher and we see her students quiet a bit and he’s never asked.

It just made me realize that not every child has been around disabled people and might treat them different. So, if you ever have the opportunity to talk to your child about different people please do and teach your children not to treat people differently just because they have a disability.


One comment

  1. Great idea. I had a similar conversation with my twins about how we need to focus on what people are like on the inside vs. the outside after they made a remark about a large lady in the grocery store. I need to broach this subject as well. Any pointers on how to make the subject understandable?

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