Halloween Post

I can’t believe Halloween is 2 weeks away, which means my birthday is less than 2 weeks away. No final plans yet…I wanted to go to Vegas for my lucky birthday turning 28 on the 28th but I’m not so sure we can afford too right before Christmas, so casino here we come :)
I love Halloween! Maybe because it means my birthday? Because Thanksgiving and then Christmas, my favorite time of the year? Dressing up and all the decorations? All the festivities? The holiday TV specials, horror and family Halloween movies? Love it all. Yes, kid at heart.
Festivities we enjoy each year.
Pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. ZooBoo. Haunted Ballet. Fall Fest at church. Truck or Treat at school. Trick or treat on the waterfront followed by more trick or treat in the neighborhood. Haunted trails. Scary stories at the park. 
My fav Halloween flicks.
Hocus Pocus! Nightmare before Christmas. Adams Family. Sleeping Hollow. American Horror Story(show).
Costume or shall I say costumes.
Mason got a few; power ranger, superman, transformer and will probably be a different one for every event we go to lol. Of course I didn’t pay full price for them, if your child likes to dress up year round go check out the thrift shops or online for people selling them. You can get a few costumes(sometimes even new) for the price of one at the store.


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