Wish List

I always have the hardest time coming up with things that I want, when someone asks me. I’m cheap! I usually don’t get things that I want, but need. And instead of possessions I would rather make a list of things I’d like to go do and places to see. But, anyway here goes a wish list.

Aren’t these shoes cute? And they’re from Target :)
Women's Mossimo® Varana Platform Shooties - Black
Want a pair of new brown riding boots these one’s are cute and not too pricey from Target! Can you tell I love Target?
Women's Mossimo® Kailyn Heeled Buckle Boot - Brown Women's Mossimo® Karie Flat Boot - Brown
Need a new wool coat with a hood, preferably black. My current wool jacket(still in great condition) is from 5 years ago, kinda sad lol.

I’m about due for a new straightener and I love my sisters Chi one, but they are gosh darn expensive. I really want one of these type messenger bags and extra points if it can turn into a backpack too :)
 pl603070 00p01v01 Vampire Diaries Elena messenger bag
LOVE this bedding!
Georgina Bedding #anthropologie
I would love one of these necklaces. Cute huh?!
Handcrafted Brass Washington Pendant
And a hottie DVD that comes out Oct 23rd :)

This was actually really fun, I think I’ll start doing random wish list post ;)


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