Randoms Friday

Happy Friday!

My birthday is Sunday and I’m not really sure what we’re going to do or what I want. Probably just have some cake and ice cream. And I really need my highlights touched up and a hair cut.

Speaking of hair cuts…I love both these. I think I may just go for the shorter one. Anyone have any suggestions for a cut for me, opinions or styling tips for my hair? Greatly appreciated.

Preschool…is going so well. He is learning so much and haven’t had any problems with the teachers. Brings home more school/art work in one week then he did in the 3 months he attended at the other school. So glad we got out of the other school.

I am getting so excited the Christmas season is almost here!! Can’t wait for black Friday either. I got started a little earlier this year with Christmas gifts, all the nieces and nephew are done and already have some of Mason’s presents. Making sure I don’t go overboard this year :)

Tonight we are going to a Halloween party and a Harvest Fest at church, busy night. Mason got a couple costumes this year and can you guess what he wants to dress up as? He just wants to be captain american, a mask and shield he got for Christmas last year lol. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I was surprised how much I liked it. And wasn’t at all as bad as I thought it was going to be. I read it in like a week, couldn’t put it down. Now, I’m on the wait list at the library for the next one, crossing my fingers I find it on the lucky day stand!!



  1. I finally did my hair finally after seven months of much needed color update and cut!! I look forward to Christmas and Black Friday too. Well, letting my husband do the BF shopping! ha

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