Golden Birthday

We had a very good weekend…Friday evening we went to a Halloween party at a friends and the harvest festival at the church, both were a lot of fun.

Saturday went to lunch for my grandmother’s 77th birthday, her birthday’s the day before mine :) The rest of Saturday we sat around the house and enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday was my golden birthday; turned 28 on the 28th AND I was born on a Sunday. Very cool! I had a very good 28th birthday; we had maple bars with bacon for breakfast, the boys cleaned the house, pad thai for dinner from the Peanut Sauce restaurant YUM!!, my family came over for better than sex chocolate cake(we had to re-name it for the kid lol), went to the bar with my sister and Dad had a few drinks. Have an appointment later this week for a hair cut and color touch up. I’m very grateful for all my wonderful family and friends.

Some wonderful gifts I received. Thank you everyone!
Bought myself a girly umbrella so my hubby doesn’t use it and loose it, like so many others.
Movie night, thanks Tiff.
Here’s to a great week and Halloween. Can’t wait for trick or treating on Wednesday!!


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