About Me, Swap?, Introduce Yourself

Thought I would post a little about myself if your new here or just havent looked on the About Me page.

My name’s Tabitha, married, my family and I live in the Northwest. Mason is my only child, he is a very active 4 year old boy who loves everything superheroes, pretend play, video games, sports, typical boy. I love to cook and eat, be outdoors, getting sucked into a good book, tv show or movie, anything to make my son happy, and shop. I very seldom do any crafty stuff, maybe someday. I hate a dirty/unorganized house but my house is never clean. No decorating skills here, so you wont be seeing Pinterest worthy pictures of my house ;P

Would you like to do a button swap with me? Please leave me a comment or email me jinglebellstime{at}gmail{dot}com if your interested. You can find my button code on the left of this page. Thanks!

Please introduce yourself new & old readers, I would love to get to know you all better and leave your blog url so I can follow you. Thanks



  1. ey I'm Tabetha, am in the southeast {Tennessee mtns to be more precise– though I'm originally from San Francisco CA}. I have 3 kids, all teenagers now: 15,16 & 19. I am a history prof at a local college & so is my husband {I do American, he does European, so its all good lol}. For more on us, swing by my blog!http://aclosetintellectual.blogspot.com/I'd love to do a button swap– grabbing one of yours now & if you'd like, I have mine on the lower right side of my blog!Yay!

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