Randoms Friday

· I know this blog hardly ever has anything exciting on it, I promise we do do fun things and get out of the house everyday :) But I just never can find the time to sit and blog(I don’t know how some of you do it everyday) and most of you don’t want hear about play dates and going to the park lol. That’s why I love to do these “Random” post because I can throw in a bunch of random stuff.

· Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away? That means I need to get cracking on my Christmas shopping, because the month of December is going to fly. Really looking forward to black Friday sales. We already have Mason a few presents(probably about 3-4) and the nieces & nephew are done. So, I have gotten started, I just want to be finished early and be able to enjoy the season without stress!
· Mason updates…He is doing SO well in school! (Warning bragging!!) He is such a smart boy; he can almost write the whole alphabet by memory, can spell/write his name of course, Mom, Dad, Papa, and Hannah(classmate), and knows what letter each of his classmates name starts with. He can write numbers(he surprised me one day with writing 1-4), he can count to 100 but needs a little help when it goes up to the next number, for example he’ll say “49, 510”. Okay I’m done bragging for now :)
· Mason and I were in the car the other day having a conversation. He told me when he grew up he wanted to “fly planes” and so I explained to him that was a pilot and then we talked about going to school to be a pilot. And then he asked me “well what did you go to school to be?” Well it made me sad and kinda mad at myself for not getting a degree in anything, yes I have a job but I didn’t need a degree to be a caregiver yes I take classes every year but it’s not the same. It made me think about stay at home moms, how do you answer these questions? Nothing against SAHM, I’m kinda one too my son has always been going to work with me. So, I think it’s time to get my lazy butt looking into school, it’s never to late right?!! (And no I’m not saying SAHMs are lazy, believe me I KNOW how hard it all is, I’m just saying me, myself am lazy)
· I took him to the doctors because he has been occasionally complaining about his legs hurting and about 75% of the time he’s running he runs hard on his heels. About a year and a half ago he started using prescribed shoe insole inserts because of flat feet. Well, turns out he is very double jointed and also has femoral anterversion which is inward twisting of the thighbone. It’s not a severe case and the Dr. said his body should grow out of it on it’s own by 8 or 9 years old and the only thing to do is keep an eye on it. 
· Mason got his school pictures back, they are so cute and I love his “smile”. It must be pretty hard taking a bunch of preschoolers photographs, I couldn’t do it. 
· The first time I saw this video it made me laugh so hard. Hope you have a great weekend!!
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