Veteran’s Day Weekend

It’s crazy how fast the days go by. We had a pretty good 4 day weekend, now we’re back to our somewhat normal routine. Mason’s in school today, but tomorrow starts “Thanksgiving vacation” til the 26th. I never thought I’d be one of those parents that LOVES the school week and kinda dreads long vacation time, I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a bad Mom ;(

Weekend in pictures:
· We got a new car, we really love it but will miss the Volvo   · A new doughnut shop came to town, tried it out on Saturday with some friends and they were SOOO good!!  · I have been spending so much time on Pinterest lately(almost 1,000 pins), my friend started “a pin a day” so I thought I’d join her. Yes most of my #pinaday will be food but that’s okay ;)  Both the bottom pictures are part of my #pinaday, square pancakes (very good) and  easy banana bread
· Mason being a goof ball   · We played out in the rain one day, have you ever just stood out in the rain and looked up at the sky, I know sounds weird but it is so peaceful!  · #pinaday Meatloaf very good    · Mason at the park

And if you want to try out the amazing Legendary Donuts, Groupon is having a deal right now $8 for a dozen and you do want to check out this place they are the best(way better than VooDoo donuts), if you want this deal hurry it expires in 3 days but either way try them out.

But that was our weekend; car, food and relaxing lol!

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