Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving is at our house again this year. We are all getting very excited to stuff our faces, visit with family, but mostly because it starts my holiday festivities :)

My hubby is taking Mason out all day Wednesday, I’m happy I will be able to get the whole house cleaned without interruptions, pick up last minute things, and prepare some of the dishes.
Our families Thanksgiving tradition looks like this; a big dinner, we don’t have cable so we watch the parade and football game on the IPAD or computer, and I do the black Friday (should I call it black Thursday now?!!) sales with my parents and grandpa. I love that all the ad’s are view-able online already, I need to start making a list of everything I hope to find.

Our Thanksgiving menu is usually the basics…
Turkey I don’t put the stuffing in the turkey I stuff it with an onion, orange, lemon, rosemary and butter. Place the turkey in one of those plastic turkey bags, makes very moist. It is yum!
Stuffing I don’t know what it is but whenever I make the list I always forget to add the stuffing and it’s one of my fav things on the menu lol! Stove Top is good and EASY :)
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy I will peel and dice up the potatoes way before dinner and let them just sit in the cold water so I’m not rushed with doing it, they don’t brown
Sweet Potato Dish I have to double it, very popular dish
Green Bean Casserole
My Mom’s Veggie Casserole
Apple, Pumpkin, Chocolate Pie

Mason’s thankful tree #pinaday he’s thankful for “going outside” “playing with friends, esp sophia” “the color green” LOL
Don’t forget to enter The Heart of Christmas DVD, giveaway ends Nov 28th.


  1. It sounds like you will have a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner. My hubby and I wanted to host it at our home but due to major renovations, the house will not be ready. I'm now following your blog :)Abi

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