Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2012

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving, only stressed when the turkey was done and starting to get very brown 1.5 hours before everyone got here. So, my Mom told me to cut it up and put it in the crockpot (aren’t Mom’s great?!!), turned out great, moist and everything else went smoothly. And we had TONS of leftovers!!

Preparing dinner
Dinner table set up, I realized I have NO place-mats, time to go find some deals ;)
My sister and I, we didn’t take too many Thanksgiving day photos :(
It only took 1 out of 3 photos for my husband to not give a goofy face :) I love ya!!
My niece is cute even with a dirty face! The pies were the only thing she liked
AND Black Friday…or Thursday now?!!! First off this is my 4th, maybe even 5th year(can’t remember) doing the sales. I had mixed feelings with Black “Friday” starting at 8pm on Thanksgiving.
Likes: I didn’t have to get up extremely early. Our dinner started early so I knew everyone would be long gone. And I was hoping their intentions of the stores starting that night were to stay clear of the crazies, and a little less crowded, boy was I wrong (read down below about this).
Dislikes: I felt bad for people traveling home from their Thanksgiving plans or cutting their evenings short. 
Well, my parents and grandpa didn’t want to go out at that time so it meant no shopping buddies and no going out to breakfast afterward :( But that didn’t stop me I wanted to go and get a few things plus I kinda like the rush and shopping kid free! I like to do the Walmart deals(& something for next time Walmart honors other stores prices just bring in the ad), I have one a couple minutes from my house but never will do that one again it is ALWAYS insane, so I drive about 25 minutes to another one that has always been less busy and you get everything you go in for. 
Well, pull up to the parking lot 15 minutes past 8 and the lot is completely full(& it’s huge), luckily I did find one all the way in the back. 
I bring a reusable shopping bag with me because you won’t find any carts or baskets. And it’s a pain to have to push around a cart. I did find almost all the things I went in for, minus the crockpot and the $5 disney dolls. That was okay because I got the Brave DVD for $10 only because I brought in the Target ad, and there was tons of DVDs left. 
Let me just say I am not one of the crazy Black Friday shoppers. 
I don’t do lines, the things aren’t that important to me. 
I don’t rip things out of peoples hands, I actually gave 2 ladies a couple video games that I was holding because they were looking for it. 
I don’t shove, true story I had a lady with a cart in front of me and a lady behind me with a cart who was nudging me to go faster. 
I am polite; I say excuse me, thank you, sorry and please, you’d be surprised how many aren’t polite.
Black Friday shopping is fun, just don’t expect too much from it!! And can anyone explain the Black Friday online shopping to me, I looked online that night and didn’t see any of the deals from the newspaper, are those only good in the store?
I’m hoping they don’t start the Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving again next year, it sorta ruins the holiday.


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