Dec 2nd

Today I spent most of the day by myself. Mason and my husband had their date day. So I took advantage of it and so glad I did. Because I got almost everyone’s Christmas presents done, still need a few more things for Mason though. It feels so good! It’s only Dec 2nd can’t believe I’m almost done, we are usually one of the people rushing to the store on the 24th for a few more things.

First stop was Kmart only because they had a close out sell. I’m pretty sure they add a higher price tag and then put up a 20% off poster to make you think your saving a bunch of money. But whatever, I did find a few good deals on stuff.
For lunch I enjoyed some Panera. Yum…

Then it was back to shopping… Made a quick stop at Ross and got my parents their gift. Got some shirts from Old Navy, is it only me or is there hardly anything cute at Old Navy right now?!!

And Target was my last stop of the day, love that store. It was a great day and just what I needed :) Have a great week everyone!!


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