How to Train Your Dragon Live Feature

Mason and I got to attend the media day for the dragon show. I’m a little bummed we didn’t get to talk to anyone because we had to rush over from picking Mason up from school. But we did get some awesome pictures and got to walk through backstage. It’s cool to see everything up close; the dragons, all the prop boxes, the behind scenes and the performers.
Mason was pretty freaked out when we walked through the back with all the huge dragons, he really didn’t like the nightmare one. He wouldn’t touch them and this was the closest he got to one lol. I’m 5’10” and look how big Toothless is and he wasn’t even the biggest one, so you can see why Mason did not want to be near them.

We got a great picture with Toothless, Astrid and Hiccup!
Yes, I may be a dork but I posted this photo on instagram and the two actors who play Astrid found my pic and commented/liked it, how cool is that :)

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