My Christmas Wish List

I don’t really have much of a Christmas list this year but here is a few things I need/want ;) My husband and I already got each other gifts. We got new phones, it so weird going from an ancient phone to a smart phone lol. But here are a few things I would like to get sometime soon.

Chi or a nice hair straightener

Blow dryer, I’ve had mine for like 5 years

Crock-pot, my old one is starting to fall apart

New pots and pans, it’s about time

A case for my new phone, something like this one

Large photo albums so I can get back to organizing all my pictures

A maid

Massage & spa gift cards
Can you believe Christmas is just 4 days away?!! We are getting so excited and ready to spend lots of time with loved ones. I finished all the wrapping last night, I love wrapping but next year I need to spread it out a couple days because I really wasn’t enjoying it this time.
Can’t wait for Mason’s excitement on Christmas morning. Truly joyful!! I could careless for presents for myself, my present is watching my son’s smile that Santa came. 


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