Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!! I have a couple hours of a some what quiet house so I thought I’d get my Christmas Eve post in. My husbands parents, niece and nephew just left to go back home and then my parents, sister and niece are coming over for more Christmas fun. It has been a very relaxing/non-stressful Christmas so far, that’s what I was hoping for! I have Calico beans(recipe coming soon) in the crock pot for lunch/dinner for tonight.

Here is pictures of our Christmas fun from this week, you can find most of these pictures on my instagram here if you want to follow me & I do follow back :P

· We did one of the Pierce County Library gingerbread house making events, I suggest going to one next year; it’s free, they give each kid(had enough for 50 kids) tons of stuff to put on it and it was very easy to make. Embarrassed to say but I’m horrible at making the kits you get at the store lol! · We made snowflakes 
· Some presents Mason got from my cousin, and of course it only took less than a day till all the web shooters were lost ;)  · Nativity scene decorations
· Sunday’s are either family days or Mason & Dad date days, so we went out to lunch before the relatives got here. I love Steamer’s fried cod and clam chowder :) And there’s just something I love about eating on the water
· The cousins got here and this is the first thing they do lol  · We made sugar cookies for Santa, you like Mason’s tree ones with a half an inch of sprinkles?!! ;P
· Fantasy lights last night, I guess everyone decided to go last night, we got there about 15 min after they opened, waiting in line about 20 minutes and thought that was long until we left and saw how long the line was just to pull in the park lol, at least 1.5 hour wait to get in the park ahhhh!! the kids loved it  · We got a dozen #LegendaryDonuts for our Christmas Eve breakfast, talk about a sugar rush :P they are my fav, so much better than voodoo donuts in my opinion

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