Dec 26th…Advice?

Now that Christmas is over, I guess it’s time to really clean my house. This morning it looked like a tornado blew threw it :( And I would like to get all my social networks cleaned up and delete some, never ending cleaning ugh!! Here’s to a more organized 2013!
Sorry getting a little off subject lol…
Mason I would love to just be able to play with you all day long and not have to do any chores/work. I’m starting to really notice my son has a hard time playing by himself; I don’t know what it is he has a great imagination and very bright. Is it because he’s an only child? He didn’t learn independence being with me 24/7 since birth? He will play in his room by himself for a little while(and I mean not long at all) before asking his dad or I to play with him and if we say we’re busy he ask’s if he can watch a movie or play a game on one of the electronics. 
Do I just need to keep pushing him to try playing by himself? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks. 


  1. Wish I could offer a suggestion. My first were twins, so they have always had someone to play with. I think the baby is great at playing by himself because he has a bunch of background noise (his brothers) and a bunch of their toys strewn about…we need to clean too.

  2. When my daughter was the only one, I would get her started playing and play with her. Eventually when I saw she was {into} what she was doing I would let her know I needed to go finish dishes, start dinner, move laundry over and I would be right back. Tht usually gave me quite a bit more time. Then if she asked me when I was coming back I could stop play for 5 min or so and do it again. Some days it really worked and she played and played and played and didn't even notice I was gone, others she asked where I was after a couple minutes. :) Now her brother is old enough to play so problem solved an she asks for alone time when he is napping. Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. Good golly, from a mama of 7 from ages 19-2… enjoy him and play together while you still can! His time to be away from you will be way sooner than you think. Soon he will be spreading his wings and more than happy to leave your side. Until then, play play play, and he'll get to independence soon enough.nancy-of the crazy 9

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