Random Saturday

I guess I should write a post about our Christmas, I’ll save that for later this weekend! I’m proud of myself for posting almost everyday, some days are easier than others. After this month I’m pretty sure I will stick to posting a couple times a week, our lives aren’t that exciting ;)
I am SOooo annoyed with facebook lately. It barely lets me online(the site won’t even work from my computer), the latest status updates it shows is from like a week ago, I’ll reply to stuff and it won’t even show up, ugh. 
I love my new phone. I love being able to take good pics with it, as you can tell by all the pictures on instagram lately hehe.

I love Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale and it’s going on right now! This is the time to go buy those nice undies and bras, as low as $3.99 undies and $14.99 bras. I even found a $10 off coupon in their catalog, you may be able to get one too.

Our vacation is almost over, it’s bitter sweet but I do want to get back to routine. I will miss staying in pajamas all day :) It’s pretty sad and I probably shouldn’t embarrass myself but this whole week has been the laziest for us and we have hardly left the house but yet the house hasn’t been cleaned since last weekend.

My body is defiantly feeling the lack of healthier foods, and lack of movement. I have no energy, no motivation, it sucks. I really can’t wait to get back in routine. 


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