Welcome 2013

As much as I hate to say I am happy vacation is over and we are back to our regular schedule. There is just something about waking up early, taking a shower and getting dressed before 8:00 am that really motivates you to get things done. And I really do love my alone time, even if it’s just 2.5 hours it really does make a difference.

Usually I don’t care too much that it’s a new year but this year I feel different, maybe it’s because I’m getting older?!! but I feel like this is going to be a good year for us – for me!!

I feel the closer I get to being 30, okay yes I still have 2 years but I hope by the time I turn 30 my life will be more organized, I can say I cherish every day, I will be more comfortable and happier with myself. I only get one life, and it’s already a quarter over.

So yeah, that’s what we’ve been up to getting back into our routine. Work, school and housework. It’s nice not having to blog everyday but I am still constantly thinking what to blog about but then you blink and the day is over. Anyone do blogger templates for reasonable price or can refer someone? Thanks. I’m also thinking about getting that Passionfruit ad thing, any insight on that?

I’ve finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey Darker and now stalking the library website for when the third book is waiting for me, it is now “shipping” :) Cannot wait, I love the series and it’s not at all what I thought it was going to be.

For the past week and a half there has been a stray dog roaming the neighborhood, with an injured leg :( I cannot stop thinking about him. He runs away when anyone tries to help, the only thing I can do and will continue to do is put food and water out for him. I’ve called the animal control for the area and that’s really been useless, they said they came out to look for him. It is just breaking my heart that I can’t get him help.

Okay, I’ll stop boring you with my randomness! Have a great Monday ;D


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