After I got my new phone last month I got a free trial for the voicemail to text feature and I will say the translations are quite funny. My name is Tabitha/Tab and it NEVER gets my name right in the text lol. Here are some of the translations. Hope you find them as funny as I do ;)

“Hello, kaplan hey. I’m robert hey wondering if we could come over and visit give us a callback love you. bye.” (From my dad)
“Hey dad this is jack I just wanna tell you that it is snowing outside and I’m not joking okay bye.” (From my dad)
“Hey dan it’s tim at the give me a call love you bye she I want.” (From my mom)
“Hi mom sack…any call…sorry about.” (From my mom)
“Hello, Tampa. This issue and I was just calling to say Hi.” (from mom)
“Hey jonathan, it’s heather. I got your text message and my mom miss you know let me know I emailed next wednesday hi just wanted to call and say hi and it’s on the phone so if you guys all right baby later cash we’d love to talk to me okay probably. i’m gonna give me. thanks.” (from my friend) (and I get jonathan a lot lol)

Aw man, I love getting the messages, it cracks me up every time!! And yes my parents are usually the only ones who call me lol :)

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