So… Substituting mashed avocados for butter in cookies?
NOT good!
The greener tint to the cookies wasn’t bad, it was the avocado taste to them yuck :(

I was so excited to try Southern Kitchen in Tacoma, heard so many good things about it, even from Diner Drives and Dives tv show.
Stay far away – remember all opinions are my own.

I just couldn’t believe how many people like that place. If I were to rate it 1-5 (5 being greatest), I would give it a -1 it was that bad.

I’m surprised the health inspector hasn’t shut them down, the place is dirty. Wouldn’t want to sit in the place on a hot summer day yuck! We had a dirty fork and knife, yes I know dishwashers aren’t perfect. The tables were gross. Very slow service, I’m just glad we didn’t have to wait to be seated I would have been that more pissed.

They were expensive for what it is; $30 for 3 teas, 2 kid pancakes, and 1 fried chicken meal. McDonalds has better sweet tea. Mason’s pancakes weren’t cooked all the way. The collard greens were too salty, the white rice was disgusting (how do you screw up rice?!!), I’m pretty sure the fried chicken was the Tyson frozen chicken.
We didn’t even make it home before I started feeling sick to my stomach.

The only thing I liked about the place is they use Mason jars for their glasses. But that’s the only thing :(


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