Rambling of course

I still can’t believe it, in less than 5 months we will be in GREECE! I can’t wait but then I can ’cause we have to save save save.
Just a warning I’m sure you will hear a lot about how excited I am and we will have TONS of photos to share when we get back. 
We are going with my sister, and Aunt & Uncle. I’m so excited and a little nervous, the furthest I’ve ever traveled is Hawaii(from Seattle). I’m really nervous about the language barrier, I did download a great translator app on my phone so that will help and I’m going to get one of those pocketbook dictionary. That and traveling from the airport to our resort location, I really don’t want to get lost. Other then those; I can’t wait to sit on the beach, swim in the Mediterranean sea, Acropolis, walk the streets of Greece, shop, try all kinds of Greek food. Have I ever told you how much I love the Greek cookie Kourambiethes, yeah I’m going to eat plenty of those!

I’ve got a million things on my to-do list, such as:
Get a passport – yes, I don’t have one of those ;) I believe we need visa’s too?
Figure out transportation when we arrive
Buy a bunch of stuff but save as much as we can for the trip ha! (more summer clothing, bug repellent, tons of sunblock(my hubby burns very easily, this shall be interesting lol), sun hats, & more)
Go to the gym & get in shape, I’ll be sitting on the beach 95% of time and sitting next to my skinny sister and aunt :)
Do a TON of research/planning
& more…

Aside from Greece, my baby boy is turning 5 in 2 months wow!
I need to start planning a party.

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  1. How fun! Traveling abroad is not as hard as you think, you will be fine! I go to Brazil every year and have also been to Mexico with Lucas, so if you need any advice, please let me know.Is Mason going, too?Get your passport pictures at Costco and go to the University Place Post Office on 27th to get it done. You can download the file or you can go there to pick up a copy. You will need to send a money order for payment, so everything can be done at the PO and you can pay them with your debit/credit card.

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