I’m trying! My $43.50 outfit(including boots)

I actually dressed up on Sunday.
In something cute.
Spent money on myself.
Yes, nothing here was full price.
But that’s the best part.

Sweater: Sears $11 (reg $40) | Jeans: Gap $1 (you read that right, LOVE Value Village $1 days) | Boots: Aerology $30 (reg $90) | Necklace: Value Village $1.50

Do you shop the Value Village .99 day? If you don’t and don’t mind used clothing I suggest you check out the sale, I ALWAYS find designer brand clothes(like $100+ jeans) for a dollar!!

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  1. Fantastic! Its hard for my size to find decent clothes at a value village(plus) but I keep looking because that is where I get my kids play clothes. So much better than paying $20 for a pair of kids jeans (on sale – yeah right) when all the boys want to do is roll in mud! Thanks for sharing and reminding me I need to go shopping.

  2. Wow! The nearest VV is an hour and a half away, and is kinda gross. Like your shoes stick to the floor. I'm quite jealous of yours! Love love love the outfit!

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