Random Ramblings

Thought I would do a catch up post.

|| I started a work out routine and going to the gym while Mason is in school this past week. It feels good, I should probably weigh myself and maybe take a before photo? I’m watching what I eat and going for more healthier choices(fruits, veggies and whole grains), I’m horrible at diets so I don’t bother. I’m just fortunate I’ve always loved veggies/fruits, rarely eat chips(if I do it’s tortilla chips), and hate soda/real sugary drinks.

|| Usually while Mason’s in school I do my errands/cleaning/blogging but now that I’m spending that time at the gym, I have to find the time else where. And since I feel like an AWFUL parent if I sit on the computer for more than 10 minutes :( Do you other Mom’s feel guilty being on the computer blogging? Should I set up a blogging schedule? WHAT DO YOU DO? {And no I’m not talking about blogging every day, I am amazed at how some of you can blog more than once a day, hmm where do you find the time} I love blogging, I just sometimes feel awful that I spend too much time on the computer. Sorry for rambling on…

|| Pinterest is a addicting, I know I’ve said this many times and will continue to say it :) It’s sad I pin constantly, over 1,300 pins and have only done around 100. I’m thinking of starting a link up type thing, once a month dedicate a full day of doing things you’ve pinned. Who’s with me? Maybe the last Sunday of every month?

|| Have you checked out my Sponsor/Review page, I would love to swap buttons with you :)

|| Stay tuned I will be having a couple giveaways here shortly, I love being a Purex Insider!!

|| Remember when I posted here about this horrible experience with a local southern food restaurant. Well, today we went to Steamers Seafood restaurant for family day and all ate (halibit & prawns for hubby, cod & clam chowder for me, corn dog kids meal for Mason) for the same price as that southern place charged for only 1 fried chicken meal, 2 pancakes, & 3 sweet teas. How is that even possible!! That awful place charges way to much for what it is.

I’m joining Tabetha, pretty cool name huh ;) and doing 5 random facts about me!
I will try not to repeat a fact, since I’ve done these a few times and can never remember(horrible memory remember?!!) what I’ve previously posted lol.
I don’t smoke, I’ve taken one puff when I was a teen and it made me gag. Cannot stand the smell either.
I really didn’t like reading when I was younger, actually not until reading the first Twilight book did I fall in love with reading. Now I’m always finding books I can never put down. I just finished the Fifty Shades of Grey series and it is defiantly top on my favorite list, LOVED the series!!
When they say getting pregnant really changes your appetite, they mean it. Growing up I hated lasagna, bacon, hot dogs(still not to big of a fan though), got a stomach ache after eating eggs but no longer. Now I really like lasagna & bacon and have eggs almost every morning. It’s just so weird how much your body changes after a kid.
I love my sweets; cakes, cookies, candies oh my! But I guess I’m some what picky; I hate caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Yes, I’m a freak and do not like Snickers, or Milky-ways :) My favorite candy bar is Reeces peanut butter cups, but dislike the Reeses pieces lol.
I am more afraid of snakes then spiders. All though the huge spiders still scare the tar out of me, the small ones & daddy long legs don’t bug me so much. But any size of snake and I run, I hate snakes!!

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