Weekend Recap — Reality

Well, the weekends over and it’s time to get back to work and the to-dos!
But first here’s our weekend recap. (Yes, most of these photo’s you can find on my instagram but whatever)

Friday after I picked Mason up from school we met up with some friends and played at Frog & Kiwi. 
We then headed home and ate lunch, I didn’t have work and it was very sunny so we decided to spend a little time at the local beach. It was so beautiful out, I really can’t wait for spring/summer!!
I love beautiful pink sunsets! Saturday was pretty mellow, the only thing we did was go to lunch with my parents and the grocery store.
Sunday was family day. It was a movie and lunch kinda day. The only reason I go to Red Robin is for these parmesean garlic fries, yeah everything else is good but nope this is the only reason I go :)
We saw the movie Escape from Planet Earth, cute kid one. And so glad they finally released a PG children’s movie to the theater, it’s been too long. We had a lot of waiting time for our movie so we spent some time in the games, I believe this is Mason’s favorite part lol ;) Used to love the Loews theater with the big comfy recliners, but starting to really dislike it with the new reserved seating. Unless you go on a weekday morning or order online you won’t find seats. The first showing we arrived 30 minutes early to purchase tickets well they only had 1 left (1pm showing). Yes, it was opening weekend but really! So, we bought for the next showing which only had 3 seats left and they were front row, so we waited 2 hours.
I guess no more last minute movies, it’s something you have to plan in advanced HA!
Now…back to this week. We’ve got a lot of big things coming up, planning, ect.
Lots to do!!
Mason’s 5th Bday
Huge birthday with all friends, family and classmates? Big birthday with family and some friends? Theme is already chosen. At a park or at home? It’s not going to be a huge pinterest worthy party(haha, who am I kidding it won’t ever be, I’m not crafty).

Spring cleaning
I’ve made a “unclutter” list and actually started this morning with Mason’s room. I make lists for everything, it just helps me lol.
Here is the first pile and his room isn’t half done, by the way he really didn’t have any problem with saying goodbye to this stuff(very surprising!) but just in case I better make a donation drop off asap.


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