Mt Rainier

We went to the Mountains! I’m a little sad we didn’t get more snow at home but sooo ready for winter to be over. I love where we live, short drive to the mountains and short drive to the ocean. It may rain a lot but the nature is beautiful!!
Saturday we took a little drive up to the mountains with my parents, okay we made it to the entrance to the park and were told we needed chains and could only go so far, no sledding area. So we turned around and drove a little till we found a spot to play and sled, saved us $15 dollars and we had the place to ourselves. Mason didn’t know the difference. It was perfect!

we saw 4 deer on the way
{all pictures taken with my phone}
snow ball fight & it was the first time he didn’t cry when you threw one back at him, he’s growing up…tear ;)
these cute little houses huts i actually don’t know what they were used for? lol
mason & papa
that was something he really wanted to do, make a snowman
driving home

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