Unplug with me (March 1)

I’m trying…

To be a better blogger. Cleaned up all the blogs I follow on GFC, instead of spending hours catching up on everyone else’s blog I would rather spend that time on mine. I would love to start writing more on recipes, health, parenting a wild spirited gifted child, and more.

To be a better person/wife/mom. It’s not that I’m a bad person, mom or wife. I’m just trying to make a few changes in my life; more time for myself, unplugging more to be a better mom and wife. Tomorrow(March 1) is national unplug day, join me and unplug from the electronics! I won’t be able to unplug completely I still need my phone for important calls. I’ve been trying to exercise 4 times a week and it makes me feels SO good.

To be more organized.

If you are interested and haven’t checked out my Advertise/Product Review page please do. I would love to work with you. You can purchase a large ad space for only $5 or do a button swap for FREE, I love doing product reviews, my readers love giveaways, I accept guest posters, contact me about anything, I promise I’m very friendly ;) Looking forward to working with you.

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