Another Great Weekend

Friday:: Did anyone else unplug on March 1st? I admit I didn’t completely unplug, I still needed my phone for important calls and watched a little tv. But I was so proud I didn’t go on any social networks the whole day! So, that is a victory in my book. And honestly it wasn’t so bad til the evening hit and I started to get a little bored, but I got a lot of work around the house done. Did I mention I didn’t have work that day either and no other plans besides sitting around the house?!
Saturday:: We met some friends at the zoo, it was a great day for it hardly any crowds and weather was decent. We left at the perfect time, 15 minutes after we left it start down pouring hard and windy. So, glad we didn’t have to trek up those hills with 4 kids in the RAIN!
Saturday night we had our family day and went to our first hockey game. One more thing checked off my day zero project, only 42% done and only have til end of November ahh. Anyway, the game was pretty cool I liked how the stadium wasn’t very big so you get a good view anywhere and a short walk to a bunch of free parking. I wasn’t a big fan of the audience cheering on the fights, a man and his young son following suite screaming “you suck”(what are you teaching these poor kids), but that’s just me. And wow do they slam each other into those walls, ouch!! I’ll be going back though :)
Sunday:: Did some yard work, sooo looking forward to spring/summer! 
Went to dinner & a movie with my sister and cousin. Famous Dave’s; corn bread, potato salad and ribs were very good, but they need some help with the corn and broccoli (how you screw up veggies I don’t know lol?!!). The movie Identity Thief was pretty funny if you haven’t scene it yet, the diner scene was hilarious, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.
Monday:: (Yes, I’m including Monday in with the weekend lol) Monday was beautiful out, cold but that doesn’t stop us from playing outside. After we picked up the girl I watch we headed for the park. We don’t take the sun for granted. Then we headed to the YMCA, gymnastic class started back up.


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