Mason Update 3.8.13

Just a little Mason update for ya’ll::
I can’t believe we registered for kindergarten this week. How did this little guy grow up so quick? Seriously, where’d the time go!

But yes, next fall my baby will be in Kindergarten. Bittersweet! I’m hoping he can get full day so he has more time to learn, because half day is only 2.5 hours, same as preschool and it isn’t enough time.
Although I do find it messed up that in the school district he’s in, don’t get me wrong it’s an excellent district but a public school like any of the other Washington Public Schools. What I’m complaining about ;) is they have limited spots and it cost $300/month for full day and I quote “School districts in Washington are funded only for half-time Kindergarten programs.” Then why do the Tacoma School District schools have free full day kindergarten?? 
Okay, I’ll stop complaining since he is in one of the top public schools in the area, I just find it bizarre that’s all.

For anyone interested, I continue to send in his photos/stats every 6 months or so to modeling agencies. Anyone have any experience in this, I would love some input?
Anyone trying to get their own children into this industry, here’s a few tips::

Keep sending photos/stats to the agencies, it takes a while. If you do get a reply really do your online research, we’ve had a few “agencies” REALLY want Mason, did my research and found out they are scams.
Do not pay for anything, when an agency represents you they get paid around 10% after they find you a job so why would they do any work looking for you a job if you’ve already gave them your money?!
You as a parent can look for casting calls(again watch out for scam’s asking for money) for your child, that is how Mason got the See Kai Run job, I sent in his photo when they had a casting call.
Don’t give up!


  1. Thanks :) I know, huh I just wish he got the eyes from me, how come all the guys get these beautiful eyes?!! For some reason I can't find the link to your blog can you send it to me, so I can check it out?

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