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One thing I feel strongly about is children’s health. It just amazes me how high the obesity rate is in children these days. Next time you are at any children’s function take a good look around and count how many over weight children you see, the result is sad.

True story, I was at a birthday party once and there was a child who ate two large pieces of cake and more soda pops in those two hours, then I have in 1 year. Yes, I hate soda pop but I do have about 3 root beers in a year. What kind of eating habits are you teaching these kids?
I’m not completely anal about healthy eating habits, we occasionally feed Mason a happy meal and love sweets :) But I do try to choose healthier options most of the time.
I thought I would just compile a list of a few healthier choices to live by, from our house to your’s::
When throwing a party buy only bottled water, it may sound kinda rude but if that’s their only option then they’ll drink it ;) Okay if you don’t want to be rude like me; make a fruit flavored water(with real fruit chunks), make a punch.
If your child loves the sugary cereal every morning, make it a rule those are only aloud to be eaten on the weekends(Saturday & Sundays).
Don’t allow sugars after 3pm.
Stay away from the dyes in foods. These last two have really improved Mason’s behavior.
Make a snack drawer, it may sound like nothing but having a designated “snack drawer” with easy accessible healthy snacks really does help. Make it reachable for your child, it may just be the thing to get them to eat healthy, if they get to choose. Wash ahead, put in bags/containers for easy to-go; it really makes a difference when choosing something to eat when you know you don’t have to wash it. Do this same idea with the pantry. 
If you don’t already, try eating dinner at the table as a family. I know life gets busy and you can’t always do this but you can try. Mason loves eating at the table by candle light, I don’t know what it is but he will sit and eat all his food including veggies he usually doesn’t like, it’s a mystery to me but it works?!
Don’t forget to be a role model :)
But I promise you once you start making healthier choices it won’t feel as hard. Like I said we are not extremely health cautious but we do try. It is very important to teach healthier lifestyles early on.

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