Playing Catch Up

I promise I’m here and I promise this blog isn’t going to be filled up with reviews/giveaways! I feel like lately all I’ve been posting is reviews/giveaways, I’m sorry for not posting more about our little family. But I am sooo grateful for all the people contacting me about reviews, I just need to work on my time management and a posting schedule :)

We have been keeping busy with school, going to the gym, gymnastics class, work, planning a birthday party(less than 2 weeks away), planning our Greece vacation(it’s coming up so quickly…eek), cleaning and organizing. I am really sick of having a dirty house and being the only one who does anything about it, so a couple days ago I decided to make a “family binder” and start doing something about the house and our lives. When I am all finished with it I will write a post about it. Yeah, you might think that sounds a little crazy but I really think it will help because I am a list kinda person.

This past weekend I got some me time, it was much needed. Yes, I get the 2 1/2 hours while he’s in school but this was different, I didn’t have any to-do’s or didn’t go to the gym to work out. But I still have that “guilty” feeling, does anyone else get that when you don’t have your kids with you? I no longer get that while he’s in school maybe because it’s routine now?! But while he’s not in school and even if I just get 10 minutes to go somewhere/do something by myself I get this guilty feeling, why do I get that :(

Like everyone else, I can’t wait for summer! With all this rain, I have been watching too much TV lol! Lately I can’t stop watching Kate plus 8, I don’t know why but I love how much they get to travel(lucky, I would have a camera crew follow me on vacations if they wanted to pay for it lol) and honestly I love how organized she is even with 8 kids, yes she may be a bit anal about it all but still she can get 8 kids to do chores without throwing fits. I want to know her secret!


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