Week in Review via the Cell Phone!

Just a bunch of random cell phone pictures from this week.
Spring has finally sprung, we’ve got to spend some days outdoors and it makes us all so happy :) Monday we played at the park, he “met” a new friend and it turned out they go to the same school just different grades. Funny thing is they said they already knew each other but who knows maybe they do lol. They also got shot down from some older boys :( It’s a hard lesson to learn and teach because one day they will most likely try doing the same thing to younger kids.

Tuesday we met family at the zoo. That poor peacock the boys just wanted to get close, that one little boy was pissing the bird off though and almost got it, the mom was just like “la la la”. Mason actually wanted to ride on one of the animals this time and didn’t want me going with him!

We of course dyed eggs, but I think I put too much water in the cups because I wanted brighter colors oh well we had fun! We had bacon and eggs for dinner :) Then Mason carried them back to the fridge, can you guess what happened to them? At least they were hard boiled, thanks for being my big helper!
You saw that right, we do nothing special with our eggs besides drop half them on the way to the fridge lol ;)

Found these cute dresses at Value Village for Greece :)
(Don’t mind the huge MESS, spring cleaning starts next week okay lol)

Someone got a haircut yesterday, gotta love the half smile :)

We will be gone the whole weekend so this is your Happy Easter post! Hope you all have a great weekend, we will be relaxing and doing a whole lotta nothing because next week/weekend are going to be busy for us(spring cleaning starts Monday and Mason’s 5th birthday). What fun things does your family have planned this weekend?

Happy Easter!

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