Easter Weekend 2013

We spent Easter weekend in Eastern Washington with my husbands family. It was a wonderful mini vacation! We left very early Saturday morning so we got to see the beautiful views with the sunrise and avoid traffic. FYI my husband and I are complete opposites when it comes to road trips, I love making lots of stops to site see, him not so much :( It sometimes sucks lol.
 We visited for a little while at my mother and father-in-laws house before we decided to leave all the grand-kids with Grandpa and go wine tasting. It was such a beautiful day outside and the first winery we stopped at was gorgeous, yes we went to three places for tastings :) It was a lot of fun and bought some yummy white wine. Although I wouldn’t recommend the food at Terra Blanca, the service is horribly slow and the flat bread needed a sauce it was so dry. All the below pictures were from Terra Blanca, didn’t get any pictures of the last two places.
(husband, with his mother and sister)

Not the best picture of us but whatever :) That tree was FULL of bees!  

We did a little Easter egg hunt for the kids after we got back. Lovely face Mason ;)
Watching the sunset on Horse Heaven hill.

   So, Easter morning my mother-in-law and I got up early and started to hide everything. The kids slept outside in the camper the night before, well look over and see Mason waving and pointing at us just as I was hiding the basket. We thought oh man we’re busted! I guess he woke them up and said he saw Grandma out in the yard. We don’t think he really saw us hide anything because he didn’t go straight for the basket and even when one of his cousins found his and told him to come look over there, it took him a few to see it lol. I don’t think he realized the Easter bunny hides baskets too ;)

After breakfast we played at the park before we left for home. And of course he had a major meltdown and then crashed right after we got on the rode.
Of course we(okay really I) had to stop for MINER’S Burgers and shakes!! But got wayy too much food, 1 large fry will feed a family.
Dad had to set up his kite from the Easter bunny :)

What a great Easter weekend we had! Wish we could afford to go away every weekend. Hope your Easter weekend was great too! What did you do?



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