Happy Friday

{This photo was from Monday, the end to our sunny beautiful weekend…Please come back sunshine!}
Spring Cleaning was supposed to start this past week but didn’t, actually it’s Friday and the house is still a mess and we have Mason’s birthday party tomorrow. I figured everyone that is coming I feel comfortable with having a “not so perfect house” and Mason’s cousins come tomorrow morning so even if I did clean like a mad woman it would end up with toys everywhere anyway.
We do have a little cleaning to do after I get the almost 5 year old from school and he told me he is actually going to “help clean the whole house” (yeah, we’ll see how that goes lol). But thanks little man.
Next week everything starts – spring cleaning – greece planning – get back into menu planning/freezing. And if you follow my twitter account you may have heard we are taking a new journey and becoming foster dog parents, we are supposed to be getting our first foster dog on Monday, a 4 year old female min pin that loves kids. We are all pretty excited!
It’s time for me to head out the door to Mason’s school to bring cupcakes for the class.
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