5th Birthday Weekend

Mason had a pretty awesome birthday weekend. Party with family & friends, cousins spent the night and the big zoo in Seattle for his actual birth date. 

I will say I loved how laid back his party was, and I had the whole day to just relax and get everything ready. I do love throwing at home, none of that “pinterest” style parties. We had about 10 kids and 10 adults, served pizza and cake, did a pinata and pin the pirate chest. 
This is how our day started, grandma and cousins came over early and we drink a green drink. Sorry for the cell phone pictures, now that I have a smart phone it makes taking pictures so easy and convenient but I need to get back in the habit of pulling out my camera.
I made cupcakes for the kids and then better than sex chocolate cake for all the grownups ;) Can’t believe my little man is already 5!
He got a lot of awesome presents(thanks everyone!) and still has a lot of money to spend but I think we’ll just keep that in his savings account. He got a bigger size bike from my husband and I, it was supposed to be a surprise but he’s a little snoop!
Then Sunday(his actual birth date) we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. It might not of been sunny or even dry but it wasn’t crowded at all so it made it a great day to go! And I won’t bore you with a bunch of animal pictures.
And Mason got a kinect for his birthday, so we’ve been doing a lot of that :) It’s a great workout. That sums up our 5th Birthday Weekend. For how busy it was, it was a very relaxing weekend. Those are the best!

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