Cuter than Jack Sparrow!?!

Yeah, I’d say he is cuter than Jack Sparrow :) Mason was so excited to get the Pirates of the Caribbean costume in the mail last week, he had to put it on the moment we opened the package and had to wear it everywhere we went. Yes, I’m one of those parents that let’s their child wear costumes out in public even though it isn’t Halloween. 

The costume is great quality, it withstands a 5 year old active boy and the details of the costume are wonderful. He loves the hair attached to the bandanna. He can get the costume on himself and they even made it easy for him to do the belts by himself. They not only have child sizes Jack Sparrow costumes but also men and woman sizes.
Although certainly not an “historical film,” (it is, after all, based on a Disneyland theme park ride) there are actually quite a few historical nuggets to be mined in this Pirate treasure trove. Click here for some actual facts.

And I give you permission to let your child(ren) dress up, even wear costumes out in public even though it isn’t Halloween. It’s great for their imaginative play! :)

Wholesale costume not only has Pirate costumes they have everything from historical costumes to tv & movie costumes, and infant to plus sizes. Not to mention the prices are great; a boys batman costume for $20 you can’t beat that!




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