Was our last big vacation. Sad huh?! :( I so can’t wait for Greece this summer.
Anyway, in 2009 we went to Oahu, HI and here’s some pictures from that trip.
Don’t mind the crappy photos I uploaded them to my shutterfly and just posted them from there.

pearl harbor site, pretty amazing. you could still see the oil on top of the water that is still leaking

we took too many sunset pictures lol
levi went “body surfing” is that a thing lol?! I would not go in that water, the currents were too strong they even had warning signs
we took a quad tour of where they film a lot of movies (50 first dates, Jurassic park, lost)
Here is just a few. But now I realize I hardly took any pictures of our whole trip, a little sad. Oh well, Hawaii I’ll be back. Next I want to visit Kauai. I’ve been to Oahu and Maui, Maui’s my favorite of those two.


  1. Those turtles!!! Oh my goodness. I'd die!Hawaii is so beautiful. I'd go back there any day. Nick would be on the beach body surfing all the time. If we lived near a warm enough beach he would be a beach bum.PS. I love your new blog look/name!!

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