Here I am

Rock you like a hurricane.
okay sorry I had too, wrote the title came back to edit the post and got the song stuck in my head lol :)

These past couple weeks, actually the past month have been a little chaotic with our family, with a whole lot of stuff going on. I suck and been slacking with this blog, actually with more than just the blog. I keep saying “I’ll spring clean today” but don’t end up doing any cleaning what-so-ever. Sorry, this post is going to be so scatterbrain that is actually how I have been feeling lately :(
The last 3-4 days I have done more than I have in the last month, I don’t know what it is; a rut maybe, the weather, a little depressed. I just want to get back to myself!

I haven’t made it to the gym in, I don’t want to say how long and I still managed to loose a couple lbs just by doing nothing(I don’t know how that happened?!). But I promise myself I will get back to eating healthy and exercising next week because guess what? There is 7 weeks until I will be sitting on the beach in GREECE!! I went shopping at Ross last night got a few dresses, sunglasses, hat and a super cute luggage I got for $59 (originally $320), I really do love Ross and the deals you can find! My Greece to-do list is slowly(but surely) getting done and we are SO excited to go on vacation.

We got word that Mason will get full day kindergarten next year, we are all a little excited :)
Our foster dog is still with us and she is doing good. She is growing a little and gaining some weight. She is defiantly a puppy and loves to chew on stuff, the other day she chew up one of my Toms and a xbox remote, sad day.

No matter how bad your day can go, always remember someones is a lot worse. Please keep my friends daughters(they are only 4 & 6) and her husband in your thoughts and prayers as they are going through a very difficult time right now. My friend passed away this week from a massive heart attack at the age of 41, she was such a great person, always had a positive attitude. I can’t imagine how the girls are taking it, it is a very sad thing.

I’m done rambling on, I won’t make this post to long and boring for you. And I’ll leave you with some pictures to lighten the mood and bring you a little sunshine in your life ;) The sun has been shinning this week here in Washington and it feels SO NICE! It defiantly has improved my mood and we have gotten out of the house and met up with family/friends at the park every sunny day we’ve had.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I did have a great weekend, and these photos are just lovely………..I still have my daughters dog here with us and hubby wonders when it will go home but she can't have it there at the moment

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