kids eat your veggies

Mason really hasn’t ever been a picky eater but we had a hard time getting him to eat anything green, even herbs. But lately this kid has really been surprising us! He will ask for seconds sometimes thirds of the veggie with dinner and say he loves it. Most of the time when we’re eating dinner these words come out of his mouth(no joke) “I don’t like this but I will try one bite” and he usually ends up eating the whole thing. 
I will compile a list of things we have done with him, maybe something will help your child eat whats good for them. And remember keep trying, don’t give up someday they will eat it without you begging :)

⋅ When we make up plates(including his) we always put the veggie, start with a very small helping because you can always get more but chances are they usually won’t touch it. Try but don’t force it, getting them to try at least one bite. 
⋅ Be a good role model, I love veggies and this probably helps since he sees me eat them.
⋅ Try cooking the veggie different ways; steam, cook into the rest of the dinner, bake or even serve raw veggies, Mason will always eat raw carrots so if he won’t eat the veggie I make I throw a few carrots on his plate.
⋅ If you don’t have any fresh veggies, stock your freezer with bagged veggies, buy canned veggies(just go for the no added salt) you can always add salt if that will get your family member to eat it, a little is okay just don’t over do it.
⋅ Some cooked veggies just taste better with a little salt, pepper, butter or olive oil so sprinkle some on just don’t over do it. Whatever will get them to eat it :)
⋅ Make it fun; while your eating broccoli tell your kid to “eat the little trees”, “snap peas make you run really fast”…
⋅ Eating at the table together does help, they see you eating the food and no other distractions besides whats going on at the table.
⋅ Keep trying, it may take a while. 



  1. My girls would hate to eat their veggies like many children I would dish up tea/dinner and say eat what you want leave what you can't eat, try everything…………please……..and for the most part they did just that yes we had battles over meal times but not that many all in all I couldn't be bothered stressing over it……..

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