Phone Dump – Wordless Wednesday

We’ve been so busy lately with good reason, the sun has been shinning! We had a 80 degree weekend in the PNW! I am just going to dump a bunch of photos from my phone onto here, enjoy :)
picnic lunch with some friends at the beach
we went to a dog adoption event this weekend and spent some time walking around the waterfront, ate some ice cream, had some boys scare us and jump into the water off the dock right where we were sitting, Mason thought that was pretty cool
i love how my hair will do that and stay like that just by twisting it around my finger, very grateful for my hair
the dog was out after spending a day outside in the heat on sunday
we had a ladies night/going away party for one of my friends, it was a perfect Sunday evening with friends and drinks, not to mention Carolyn’s beautiful home and view!
the sprayparks opened up, yeah!
i try not to be too judgy but see that orange stroller well a newborn was in it and see the mom with the orange shirt to the left pushing her other child in the swing well lady you are VERY TRUSTING!! i watched it go on for about 15 minutes, she barely looked back to check on the child, at one point another little boy ran up stuck his head and hands in and she didn’t even notice!! okay i’m done, just people please be a little more cautious this world isn’t as great as we think!
i had a doctor appointment so my husband had to get Mason ready and take to school. can you tell? i love how he is wearing swim trunks from the day before, at least he got the shirt on that i had picked out ;) pick your battles, right!
Happy Wednesday!

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