Make a summer community list.

I make list for everything, it just helps me get through my days and I stay on top of things, especially happenings in our community.

Every spring(around May) I spend a little time researching online and making a huge list of all the fun looking events happening this summer. That way we don’t miss anything and don’t fill up my planner with things we may or may not do.
It can be super simple to make, I usually just make it a note on my IPAD or Facebook. Nothing fancy…

(Just a sample)

2- Movie in the park Jefferson Park
10- Festival at the fair
4- 4th of July at the waterfront
7- Movie in the park Wright park
1- Summer carnival at the park
I will also write in the farmers market info(times, dates), any vacation bible schools/camps my child might be interested in, sprayground locations, the movie theater(I think Regal) usually does a cheap summer movies for kids, in our area they have a free subway lunch for kids write down those locations and have a picnic with friends. Don’t forget to check out your surrounding cities, add some events that might be fun. 
Our favorite thing to do last summer was the movies in the park, go look if they are doing any in your area. If you like to stay busy this list will really help! So excited for summer!


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