1 month away

We are all getting SO excited, only a month til we will be swimming in the Mediterranean Sea! Wow, can’t believe it’s coming so quickly.

We’ve been very busy getting all the details done and ready, not to mention trying to save as much money as we can. Trying not to be a procrastinator with my never ending to-do list. It looks a little like this;

Passports a bit of slackers on this one but we are now just waiting on my husbands renewal to come
Plane tickets & transportation the longest plane ride I’ve ever been on was 5 hours and I have a hard time sitting still so this will be a challenge but thank god we won’t have any children with us. we are renting a car for the duration and i’m extremely scared to drive in Greece, please tell me it’s not as bad as you read.
Time off work
Write a will are we the only parents that haven’t done this yet? Don’t really want to but needs to be done.
Clear memory cards working on this today, my phone had over 600 photos :( need to make room because I promise we will take a TON of pictures!
Hotel in Athens
Ferry schedule
Schedule Spa I need a lot of work done lol ;) but seriously I need a haircut, touch up my highlights, pedicure, and wax.
Still need to buy: European plug ins, sandals, travel security case, calling cards
And I’ll leave you with some pictures, (mostly found on pinterest) that I love/want/see!!
I want to get a picture like this, we will actually be there a night where it is supposed to not only be a full moon but a super full moon. Praying it will be a clear night :)
Love this hair, really thinking of cutting my bangs like this. I would just need to straighten my hair because I have a darn cowlick.
Love this shoe color, don’t love the price. I’m too cheap for $50 sandals lol.
FERGALICIOUS Women's Float SandalFERGALICIOUS Women's Torment Too Sandal
Can’t wait to try all the Greek food, never had octopus(love squid), I’ve had Greek pastries and LOVE them!! I’m sure I will gain like 10 lbs on our travel. 


  1. Hey! I hadn't been by your blog in awhile, and it looks like you've made some changes! (or is it just me? :)) Your trip looks like it will be amazing! oh I am jealous. What a fabulous time. I think you'll have fun scratching more things off of your list!enjoy it all…aloha!

  2. Yes, I changed the blog name and a few other things :) Wanted something new! We are going to have such an amazing time and cannot wait, we are so thankful we get the opportunity to go to Greece!! Thanks!

  3. AH! I'm so excited for you and totally jealous!! I will have to live vicariously through you :) It's going to be amazing I'm sure! And I love Jennifer Lawrence's hair. If I could pull it off, I'd cut it like that in a heartbeat. You would look amazing with that haircut!

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